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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Development of chess among young children is important

The many tournaments that have been recently announced in most blogs are good news and pleasant music to the ears of most chess enthusiasts.

However, there appears to be a group of chess players that have been neglected or missed. It is the under-8 and the under-10 age group. These group of children have only just appeared to enjoy the game of chess and likes to play it.

In the upcoming Malaysia-Singapore chess challenge in February 2010, the MCF have suddenly found it difficult to find a crop of under-8 or under-10 age group chess players from among Malaysians.

In this light, the Excel Chess Academy is offering an opportunity to these group of children to participate in the various rapid and classical chess tournaments organised by it. It does not require any recording of moves to be submitted. Simply to come and enjoy a game of chess during the tournaments is all that is required.

It is this intention and objective of the Excel Chess Academy to encourage the parents of their chess playing children to assist their children to provide transport and cater to the needs of their children who enjoy playing a game of chess. If this is possible and the sacrifice of parents given for the sake of their children, then Excel Chess Academy would provide that platform and opportunity for their children to participate in its various chess programs and activities that it is offering to the chess public at large and its contribution to chess development in Malaysia as a whole.


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