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Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Saturday (JAN2010) Round 4 report

At the time of writing, Round 5 is underway,

After 4 rounds, 2 clear leaders emerged in the field of 20 participants.

Seasoned players Lim Zhou Ren and Nik Ahmad Farouqi (picture above) are leading with 3.5 points each out of 4.
Lim Zhuo-Ren

Zhuo Ren defeated Abdullah Che Hassan in the previous round.

Nik Ahmad Farouqi

Both Nik and Zhuo Ren will meet each other in the exciting round 5 encounter where Nik will be playing the White pieces.


Following closely behind is Justin Ong and Andrew Ooi with 3/4. However in Round 5 Justin playing against a Andrew (gilachess) needed less than 5 minutes to polish of his opponent and is now 4/5.


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