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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lim Zhou Ren Wins The CNY Rapids 2010

Today, 27th February 2010, the top seed, Lim Zhou Ren, is declared as champion at the chess rapids at the Excel Chess academy. Lim beat 10 others to win the tournament. Lim Zhou Ren won the gruelling 10 round Swiss, two-day Chinese New Year Rapids 2010 held at Excel Chess Academy on the 26-27th February 2010.


Lim Zhou Ren, CNY Rapids 2010 Champion!


Sumant Subramaniam, finished as 1st Runners-Up

Yeoh Li Tian

Yeoh Li Tian, Second Runners-Up.

Lim gained 8.5 points from the 10 rounds played. Sumant finished as runners-up with 7.5 points, Yeoh Li Tian in  third place with the same 7.5 points, Jax Tham, the Excel Chess Academy owner, is fourth with 7.0 points and Mark Siew, in fifth place, also with 7.0 points.

Yat Guo Jie finished  in sixth placing, with a distant 5.0 points.



(source: Jax Tham, ECA)


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