Malaysia Day Open (Sep 16)

Johor Malaysia Day Open


Penang 6th International Heritage Chess Open.

National Rapid and Blitz !!

RM 1000 first prize for Rapid and RM 500 first prize for blitz!!! Enter now !!!!

UPSI Open 2014

UPSI Open 2014

Perak GP - Kuala Kangsar on the 12th of Feb 2012. Register before the 9th Feb !!

See the results of the Catur Remaja Perak tournament.

Sample Text

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chess Tiger Project



During my many years of work as a chess trainer, I have noticed that there are only a few books which are really suitable for most amateur players. Some good books treat individual aspects of the game ( middlegame or endgame, tactics or positional play ) without paying any real heed to the reader’s playing level. This brought about the idea of working out a teaching programme aimed specifically at a certain playing strength. Such teaching programmes, in a brief form and intended as systematic help for trainers, are common only in Russia, where they are very popular.

  In 2003 I began a 3- year training programme in my chess academy. Three groups were set up according to playing strength: under Elo 1500, under Elo 1800 and under Elo 2100. Each annual stage consisted of 24 teaching modules and 24 tests, plus a final test at the end of the course. This programme was later taken over, in a different form, by the Chess Tigers University and is still being used there.

  This text book is a series of manuals designed for players who are building the foundations of their chess knowledge. The participant will receive the necessary basic knowledge in six areas of the game - tactics, positional play, strategy, the calculation of variations, the opening and the endgame.

  The participant will benefit from the methodical build-up in this text book, even if some of the material is familiar, as it will close any possible gaps in his chess knowledge and thus construct solid foundations for future success. With perseverance and hardwork this text book simply gives you a solid basis for a leap forward in chess ability. You should also play in tournaments, analyse your own games, play through well annotated games of stronger players and read books on chess.

  I believe that many talented chess players could develop much further, if they had support at the correct time and if they had not left gaps in their learning.Chess is a complicated sport, which has to be studied for many years. It is hard to imagine any other sport without coaches. I further believe that many chess lovers, who show great commitment will gain with this text books going through important methodological support and high quality training material for their chess lessons.

  GM Artur Yusupov ( 2009 )

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